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If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then your eyebrows must be part of the drapery. What better way to frame those windows than with perfectly sculpted brows? At MadLash Studios in Crystal City, we have talented technicians dedicated to making sure you look your absolute best.

MadLash Studio, nestled in the heart of the DMV, offers waxing, tinting, and eyebrow lamination services. Services range from $25 for a 15-minute upkeep wax appointment to our $95 1-hour brow lamination, wax, and tinting session. No matter the current state of your eyebrows we have a service to achieve the boss babe look you deserve. MadLash uses only the most effective techniques to frame your face and bring out your natural features. When you see your reflection, we want you to see that we have accentuated your natural beauty, not drawn attention away from it. (You know what we’re talking about. Crazy brows that appear to have a zipcode all their own.) Whether you are looking for a subdued brow like the Pop Queen Rihanna or a more classic think brow look of Hollywood’s iconic Elizabeth Taylor, we have you covered!

Some individuals have asked, “What about threading?” While eyebrow threading is a method to remove unwanted hair, it is not a method we recommend. Waxing is not only faster, but it is less painful as well. Having your eyebrows waxed is also far more predictable. One false move with threading and you could completely change the intended look. So why would you try an archaic method of hair removal (Seriously, it’s thought to have originated in what is now India over a thousand years ago.) when you can have faster, less painful, and more precise brows with waxing? Call us bias, but it seems like a no-brainer to us.

Once you have your expertly waxed, tinted, and laminated brows, be sure to schedule your follow-up for 3-4 weeks out so that you can maintain the shape of your arch. This way, the next time you need an appointment, it will only be for a 15-minute maintenance appointment. Please, keep in mind, you can pluck the random stray hair here and there between visits, but try not to pluck from the arch itself. Doing so could potentially change the contouring and shaping your stylist achieved for you.

If you are interested in learning more about MadLash Studio, we invite you to check out our fantastic client reviews on our website, Style Seat, Google, or Yelp, so you will know that you are coming to the right place. If you want eyebrows that others will envy, call The MadLash Studio in Crystal City today! Chat online with one of our friendly team members to set up an appointment for a consultation.

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We invite you to check out our fantastic client reviews on our website, Style SeatGoogleFacebook, or Yelp, so you will know that you are coming to the right place. If you want the best eyelash extensions in the DMV area, call The MadLash Studio in Alexandria today! Chat online with one of our friendly team members to set up an appointment for a consultation. We will have one of our relaxing private suites waiting just for you.

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The MadLash Studio is conveniently located in Alexandria, Virginia, with easy access from Crystal City, Virginia, via 495 and South Van Dorn Street, or Duke Street and South Van Dorn Street just a few blocks from the Van Dorn Street Metro Station.

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